Wraparound care

After School Club

Kanga Sports provide our after school club for all children across the federation. After school club is based at Grassington Primary. Pupils who wish to attend from other schools are taken to Grassington in our federation minibus, transport is free of charge and driven by a member of staff.

At Kanga Sports, along with a whole host of clubs, activities and teaching in schools, we offer our bespoke wrap around care. This takes place within The Upper Wharfedale Primary Federation Monday to Thursday from 15:30 until 18:00.

Like everything we do at Kanga Sports, we cater for every child’s individual needs, make every activity inclusive and aim to allow all children the opportunity to have lots of fun. Each week a timetable is created and implemented by our staff with a wide range of activities that will entertain, excite and engage all children.

Every evening will include 30+ minutes of outdoor play, this is depending on the weather and lighting. There will always be a snacks and drinks provided and all of our evening tasks are optional, there will be alternative activities provided for any child. Here are just a few of the activities that we can provide for your child…

Dodgeball day – whether we are indoors or outdoors we will provide the children the opportunity to play dodgeball, there will be lots of different versions that we will introduce and of course making sure to cater for every child, ensuring they are safe.

Arts and Crafts – we know that children do not want to run around all the time and want to tap into their creative side, the children will have the chance to draw, paint, cut, glue and stick. There will also be personal colouring books available for each child.

Den building – sometimes children just want to build something and at our wrap around care they can. Using lots of different soft equipment and materials the children can work together or individually to create their own den, they might even have the chance to earn themselves a prize while doing it!

Let’s Get Active – we know that children and adults alike need to blow off some steam. The children will have the opportunity to take part in lots of fitness games, video activities and play and experience lots of different sports both indoors and outdoors.

We asked some of the pupils what they like most about our wrap around care and here is what they said; “I like the games and activities.” “It is very fun. I like playing games and making dens.” “Yes, it is always fun to be here!”

If your child would be interested in coming to one of our wrap around care evenings then please get in touch at office@kangasports.co.uk.

Breakfast Club

We have a Breakfast Club at each of our schools, apart from Kettlewell. Breakfast Club runs every morning Monday – Thursday. It is led by a member of staff who serve breakfast to the children and also plans fun activities for the children before the start of the school day.

Breakfast Club is charged at £3.50 per session.

The Breakfast Club Aims

  • To provide the highest possible standard of care in a secure, caring and supportive environment, where children feel comfortable and happy before starting the school day.
  • To enable children to eat breakfast before school in a pleasant, relaxed environment.
  • To help children be more aware of healthier foods to have for breakfast.
  • To employ caring, qualified supervisory staff.