2018-19 review of pupil premium grant at Grassington

At Grassington Primary School, we were allocated £17,120 for the academic year, 2018 – 2019.

The funding was  allocated in the following ways with the primary aim of ensuring that the pupils made good progress  both academically and in their social and emotional development and were offered equality of opportunity in all aspects of their learning:

  • Funding supply costs to allow for 1:1 tuition for individual children with specific needs to diminish the difference (close the gap) £2, 000
  • Purchase of learning resources to support the learning and progress of the pupils’ individual needs. (£1,000)
  • Contributions towards residential trips, educational visits and any specific clothing/resources needed to ensure all children are included. (£1,000)
  • Remainder of premium contribute towards classroom support across the school; purchase of bespoke intervention/support from agencies to support specific children and their educational and social and emotional needs

IMPACT of pupil premium spending for 2018 – 2019

  • Inclusive opportunities for all pupils, which enabled a broader, experience both academically, socially and emotionally. Allowing all children to attend residential and educational visits helped to increase self esteem
  • Teaching assistant support in the classroom increased confidence and supported social and emotional support for children and their families. Improvement in children’s attitude to learning
  • Additional taster days provided, with TA support, in readiness for transition
  • Good progress made for some pupils because of intervention and individual support given to children, with achievement in most areas at expected. Interventions included Success at Arithmetic, Narrative Therapy and Reading Intervention – all delivered by TA
  • Increase in opportunities for precision teaching and same day intervention to narrow the gap
  • Purchase of additional resources used to support learning in the classroom impacting on outcomes
  • Increase in children participating in the creative curriculum, impacting on confidence and self-esteem
  • Social and emotional management/confidence boosting, has significantly increased within school for these children