Teaching and Learning

Since Sep 2014 there have been seen significant changes to the way in which children’s attainment and progress is measured in all primary schools. The new statutory Primary National Curriculum for children in Key Stages 1 and 2 has an increased academic expectation of all children than there was previously.

Particular challenges are evident surrounding the accuracy of teacher assessment against the new curriculum. Whilst we firmly believe that this will be short lived, we are less confident than usual – particularly given the wide variation in progress rates across different classes. To combat this we have spent significant time moderating judgements at staff meetings and on a one to one basis.

Our data overall gives cause for celebration in many areas and is testament to the hard work of all staff in times of continued challenge.

How we assess your child's progress through school

We use a range of methods to continually assess each child’s understanding and attainment in order to support our planning and to ensure that no child is ‘left behind’.

Each half-term all teaching staff reflect on children’s learning and assess against national year group expectations using information from class learning, assessment tasks and tests.

We share information with parents about their children’s learning through termly parent/teacher meetings and end of year reports. Parents and teachers may also request additional meetings if they would like more regular updates.

Discussions with parents about their child’s learning and their end of year reports will use this format for reporting children’s attainment throughout the year.

We describe children’s learning in the following terms:

  1. As working below the national standard for their particular year group. (WB)
  2. As working towards the national standard for their particular year group. (WT)
  3. As working at the required standard for their particular year group. (WA)
  4. As working at greater depth/exceeding for their particular year group. (WGD)
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